3 Keys to Business Transformation in 2020

3 Keys to Business Transformation in 2020

If you are planning to transform your business in 2020, what do you need? Many companies find themselves stuck in a lull of mediocrity with no hope of exponential growth. Wait no longer, 2020 is a great time to flip the switch. 2020 boasts a plethora of available technology and a growing economy. Now is the time to transform. Independent of the type of industry you are planning to change, there are a few common keys you need to be aware of:

 1. You need skills you did not have before.

The best way to acquire new skills is to hire someone new. Diverse skill sets are crucial to transform your business and change the status quo. Adding expertise to a wide variety of knowledge and job functions can shift the skill gap forward within the business. 

Once you bring in a new hire, it is essential to decipher old replaceable patterns and processes and turn them into new innovative ideas. Charter a project that utilizes new skills and leverages your current employees’ experience to help them be successful together. You can also use this path to evolve the type of collaboration methods you want to see your teams embrace. Consider giving this new team some freedoms that show you value their growth and development.

2. You need a structure that supports the communication requirements.

Transformation requires additional communication (3x current standard). Employees need to be aware of the changing needs of the company and any organizational changes which may occur. Utilize various technology and communication methods for communicating regularly on essential topics. Some of our favorite software applications include Slack, Trello, Calendly, and Smartsheet. Using different means of communication efficiently can prevent your message from getting lost in a sea of emails.

3. Activation Energy.

You are likely trying to get your organization to a simplified and more productive place. The problem you face in your transformation effort is the middle-ground conflict between the day-to-day operations and drastic improvement measures. It is hard to make those needed changes while keeping today’s processes going. We call this gap, “green space.” The green space is the need to produce and run daily operations while implementing change. The green space gap is where “activation energy” surfaces. Activation energy, as one client described, is the spark required to “get after it” and put innovation at the forefront of the scale of importance. Change efforts will never come to fruition without the right amount of activation energy to get the wheels turning. Bring someone into the fold to be the spark to ignite the fire of transformation.

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