How to be Alone – 5 Ways to Fight Boredom

How to be Alone – 5 Ways to Fight Boredom

We need to learn to be alone. In this time of Coronavirus and self-quarantining, we need to be more vigilant than ever to protect ourselves from the fears of incoming boredom and loneliness. As Coronavirus is a pandemic, it is our job as humans to remain subject to the law of our government and help to decrease the spread in any way we can, even if it means being alone. Many organizations have required their employees to work remotely from home, the NBA suspended their season, and mass gatherings have been prohibited. Anyone exposed to the virus is to self-quarantine themselves for 14 days. If you are a person who has to quarantine, you must learn to spend your time in a meaningful and healthy way. You will get through this. We will get through this. Here are five ways to fight boredom. 

1. Plan and keep a daily routine.

Keeping a routine is the best way to maintain control of your life. The moment you begin sleeping or watching Netflix too much is the moment you lose track of time. Always keep track of time and plan out a manageable schedule. You may need to be creative to fill some of the time gaps, but it is crucial to have something to do next. 

2. Learn a new skill.

Learning is one of the best ways to stay productive and motivate yourself. The great thing about the modern world is that Amazon and other online retailers exist, which means you can order anything straight to your door! Yes, you can still order groceries, instruments, tools, gadgets, etc. Just imagine what you could learn with a little bit of motivation. Some unique skills you can learn in the confines of your own home include:

  • Cooking (learn how to bake a cake from scratch)
  • Playing the ukulele (less than $30 online)
  • Stock market investing (the app Robinhood provides free trades and a free stock upon signing up)
  • Learning how to code (Python is one of the easiest)
  • Building websites (find a free version of a drag and drop platform, Weebly, Wix, Shopify, WordPress, etc.) 
  • Fixing things around the house (YouTube can teach you how to fix anything)
  • “Bob Rossing” (order paint and a canvas, throw on an episode of Bob Ross, and try and do what he does)
  • Building a fake online waterpark (Google “Naughty Scotties” to see what I mean)

3. Read and write.

Reading and writing are good ways to help your mental state while you are alone. If you do not have books in your queue, go to Amazon and order three that look interesting to you. Good books are a gateway to the world and a look into how others perceive life. Learn something new by picking out a thoughtful book and discovering a new perspective or story on a particular topic. Writing, either on paper or digitally, is a great way to relieve stress by putting your thoughts on paper. You can spend time journaling, creative writing, blogging, and more. Write a handwritten note to someone you lost touch with or someone who needs your support. Reading and writing are both ways to help with brain activity and provide relief from constant screens all day. 

4. Exercise – with a plan.

What would be better than walking out of your home after a quarantine with abs? Surprise your friends and family by being able to do more pushups and situps than all of them combined. Exercising is difficult when you cannot go to a gym, pool, or your preferred fitness place. Learn how to motivate yourself by jumping onto a YouTube exercise plan, downloading a fitness app, or creating a personal schedule. Create a plan and stick with it. Give yourself fitness goals and ask a friend to check in on your progress daily. Some of my favorite activities include doing ten pushups every time I sit down, finding a YouTube yoga class, walking at least 250 steps per hour, and FaceTiming a friend during an ab workout. 

5. Call your friends and family.

You need as much human interaction as you can get when you are home all day. Call your loved ones and talk about your life. Motivate yourself to cold-call those you have lost touch with and catch up. FaceTime someone you have not FaceTimed before! Use this time to reconnect with people you would not usually speak to weekly. Do not be afraid to reach out and begin the conversation. You need interaction. 

Be positive! While the world might feel like it is trending in the wrong direction, it is essential to remain positive for yourself and those around you. Spend your time wisely and productively. Think of others who are going through hard times and be there for them. Being alone could be one of the most relaxing and beneficial times of your life, but it takes practice. We need to learn to be alone.  

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